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Our Design Studio is located at one of the most beautiful places in Italy – a palazzo overlooking Lake Como.

Design and product development is the nerve in SAND, and our Design Studio is located in an area of Italy, where our suppliers have become our neighbors.

We have a big passion for Italian fabrics – the hand, the flow, the surfaces – and designing fabrics we do with a sensitivity and pleasure similar to that of a sommelier tasting wine. Italian fabrics are expensive, but also the best.

There’s nothing more fantastic than to visit the weavers and explore their old files – selecting between thousands of colors and patterns – this is the phase we love.


At the same time we have deep Scandinavian roots and traditions within design. We have a natural aesthetic sense – being uncompromising and having a strong focus. With the combination between our Scandinavian roots and aesthetic sense in relation with the combination of materials and our fascination of the details, we’re combining the best of 2 worlds – a perfect marriage.

Via our Italian Design Studio we’re also coordinating our production, which takes place in Italy and Portugal – strong relations mean that we might have the best production facilities in Europe.

SAND is proudly Made in Europe.