Sand’s Castle

Excerpt from Wish Australia

A favourite of Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary, the Sand fashion label is becoming known around the world for its mix of sleek design combined with the finest Italian fabrics

Wherever you travel in the world, whatever major city and high street you find yourself shopping on, you’re bound to see some similar things. Thanks to the globalisation of fashion there will be at least one Zara store, probably a Louis Vuitton store, a Chanel store, Gucci, Prada, H&M… you get the picture. The shop windows look as they do in any other city, the clothes are the same from city to city – even the prices are similar. After a while it’s all a bit dull, especially if you’re looking for something different or something native to the location you find yourself in. Of course, there are exceptions in every city but the dominance of the big global brands – and their deep pockets when it comes to securing prime retail real estate – mean that the fashion-buying traveller needs to look a bit harder to find something they can’t get in any other destination. Copenhagen is no exception.